Philosophy from a Working Man

I have spent the last 39 years of my life pondering and writing my philosophy of life from the perspective of the average working guy like me.

In that time I have come up with a few revelations:

  1. Humans are at the crossroads: develop or perish.

  2. God works through us as we grow and grow.

  3. Finding fault is not enough. We must do a much better job at inspiring people to maverize.

  4. My grand vision is to colonize the world with mavericks who work, think and love with their hearts and minds, their approach informed by their experience as well as their professional training.

  5. I have assigned, to this philosophy of colonizing the world with exceptionally developed individualists, to this reform movement, the label of Mavellonialism.

  6. We must believe to succeed. Once we come awake and shine, there is no stopping us.

The science of maverizing is now written, however imperfectly. You know what to do. Go do it.

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© Ed Ramsey 2014


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